Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bears Loose at the Zoo!

3 Bears loose at the SanAntonio Zoo!
Schools out for Summer so I took the bears down to the SanAntonio Zoo Today. We got a family pass since I got a letter in the mail for 10% off. Now we can go as often as we want. For a whole Year! Phase 1 of the Africa Live was open. The hippos have been moved to their new location real nice too.

We also got to see the Turtles and baby Crocodiles get feed first it was just lettuce and carrots and a few apple pieces. Then the lady threw in a Bill Miller cup full of CRICKETS! Well just the crickets not the cup. YUCK!! The boys thought it was so cool to see the crocodiles eat the crickets. Here is a Joey in its Mommys pouch too cute. Looks like they were taking a nap.

Big Brother Bear took this photo of Mama and the 2 Little Bears

Brother Bear??? Yeah, man.

Bears on the Lookout!

We Had a great Morning Not too hot. We left about 11:30 it was starting to get busy with lots of kids from all diffrent kind of summer camps. So we headed home with a quick stop at Subway... Five, Five Dollar foot long. Ughhh that comerical.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bexars Like to Fish!

Kids Fish day
JellyBean will jump at the chance to go fishing He loves it.
Little Red had fun they each got a trophy.
Big Brother Bear took off up river. They all had fun even though no one caught anything.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Warning I have started a blog.... I have been trying to think of something wonderful and great to say in my first post...And no luck so here is an introduction to The Hill Country Bexars (Bears).
Here is a Photo of my 3 Bears at Pedernales Falls State Park. From Spring Break this year. The Red Head is Our Baby Bear or Red Bear, The one in the Middle is our Teenage Bear Podunk, The blonde one is my Jelly Bean and Papa Bears Pork Chop. Me I am Mama Bear and was gonna post a photo of me and my bears and can't figure out how to get the photo on here and put it right here and not at the top! I am very new to this blogging thing and learn as I go. So Yet another fun thing to keep me on the internet and from having to do housework Yuck!!