Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Forrest Awards

My Oldest is out of Middle School. He is going to High School
Last night he received the "J" Award from his school for
Outstanding Achievement.
He Also Got the President's Education Award for
Outstanding Academic Excellence. Proud Mom and Dad
Brothers that slept threw the awards
Grandparents where very happy and proud.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mason's Awards

Mason Got The A/B Honor Roll Award for the 4Th nine weeks grading period It cane with a ribbon, Coupon for a free small hamburger at McDonald's,and a Chili's Pepper Award for a free meal at Chili's. He also received The Reading Achievement Certificate in recognition of outstanding achievement in meeting his monthly reading goals all year. Which also came with an other Chili's coupon award for a free meal and a Certificate of Congratulations from Taco Cabana with 2 coupons on it free Bean and Cheese Taco and a Free Cabana Kids Meal! Mason, The School Principal,and the school librarian. Mason ,Vice Principal Dr. Vargas~Lew and the school Counselor Mrs. Silguero-Gaytan Mason and some of his class mates on stage Mason holding his "A/B" Honor Roll certificate Mrs. Miller his 2ND Grade Teacher and Principal Gonzales

Monday, June 1, 2009

"A" Honor Roll Cole

Cole Got a lot of Awards he was the only one in his class who got all A's.
He got a Certificate for the Honor roll award and a ribbon and a ticket/coupon for McDonalds. He also recieved The Perfect Attendance award, wich came with a Certificate, bookmark, ribbon and another coupon for Mc Donalds a free small cone!
Reading Achievement certificate and , Outstanding Citizenship certificate Award wich came with a book mark and a ribbon and a pin they pined to his shirt. I am so Proud of you Cole, Love Mom